India’s education system is big and caters to very large number of candidates; the volume   of candidates is incomparable to other countries. We as a country are facing numerous challenges till date to establish a full proof education system. Subjective evaluation is one of the major challenges being faced by any Educational body. Every education body faces a problem of quality education and some of the factors which contribute to degrade of evaluation quality are totaling errors, no reference to marking, rechecking, physical movement of copies, roll numbers mismatch, no tracking of checked and unchecked answer scripts etc.

1.      Digitization of hard copy answer scripts:

–          Scanning is done at exam centre/or any other secure location suggested by client.

–          Factory set up including hardware and manpower is deployed by Techsum at the centre.

–          Scanning will be done without cutting the spine by High end book scanners.

–          Barcode is pasted on the Answer script to hide the candidate’s identity.

–          Scanned Answer Scripts are then uploaded onto the secure storage server for further process.

–          The complete process is confidential and the whole activity is monitored using security cameras.