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Digitization Of legacy Record

- Evaluator can view question paper, model answer, maximum marks for each question and the student’s answer script (page wise) on the screen.
- Evaluator can allot marks, annotate answer script, comment and highlight the candidate’s answers.
- Evaluators can’t submit the answer scripts unless and until each page is visited and the score will be automatically calculated.
- In case of any discrepancy in answer script evaluator has the provision to reject the answer script.
4. Re-evaluation: The head evaluator can view/modify/re-evaluate any of the answer scripts marked by the evaluator under him.
5. Report Generation: The Educational body can get the full details of answer scripts evaluated by all the evaluator at the click of a button. They will also get the overall evaluation status – number of scripts evaluated/ reviewed/ skipped/ pending for evaluation etc. This facility is also available to every Head evaluator to keep a track of evaluation by the examiners under his/her supervision.
The system has provision to download a detailed audit log report which captures the time stamp and complete click by click event of evaluator.
Also the examination body can download the RTI reports.